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Do imaginary friends really exist?

“Mummy, mummy!”

Dupe whined in a voice tainted with excitement. She tugged vehemently on her mother’s blouse as her mother sliced onions in the kitchen. Dupe was a child that sought attention rarely but when she sought it she ensured she got it.

“Mummy, what is pornography?”

Sade put the knife through the onions with so much vigor that the blade ricocheted off the kitchen sink and unto where are hands lay; missing her flesh by a few millimeters.

“Why are you asking?” she blurted out

“Jide told me to ask you, he would have told me but he said it’s a mother’s job to explain such things.”

“Jide is just in your imagination, young children like you have imaginary friends.” Sade would always say to her daughter with a worried mien and voice masked under a more condescending mien and voice. There was no single evidence to support Jide’s existence.

A week ago Dupe asked her mother what sex meant, she claimed it was Jide that told her to ask but Sade thought it to be a ruse. Sade remembered the first time she asked her mother the same question and her mother had scolded her accusing her of being immoral, she was 12 years old then and she only needed to know the meaning of sex to fill a medical questionnaire. “Times have changed,” she chuckled a bit before she added “sex means a person’s gender.” Three days later Dupe told her mother a much more surreal explanation of sex that Sade didn’t get to know until she was in the university. Her head literally spun. “Where are you getting all these things from?” She shouted at the top of her voice. She had suddenly become infuriated with a deep anger, a ton load of anger she had hidden under a thin sheet of happiness.

“Answer me! I said answer me!” Dupe began to cry as her mother’s grip on her arms tightened.

“Jide told me.” She shook her some more, “don’t lie to me and tell me the truth, I am not joking with you.”

The tears began to flow on both their faces, “I am not lying ma, I swear it was Jide that told me.” Her grip loosened and at the very first opportunity, Dupe ran off to her room to go find solace in Jide, she knew he would be there, he mostly came visiting around that hour.

Sade remained confused and stayed in a place beyond reality for a moment, trying to take in all the details of what happened in recent times, her mind was literally a diorama of strings that didn’t connect. She initially used to take the news of her daughters imaginary friend with cheer, the idea was somewhat absurd and funny, her daughter was part of the few things that made her happy. All the American and European story books and cartoons Dupe had made her plight easier; it was quite understandable for her to boast of an imaginary friend, it was her way of getting through. Dupe hardly made friends as a matter of fact she didn’t have any. She stayed indoors most of the time and when Sade checked the browser history of the computer, there was nothing to confirm her suspicion. Asides switching on a computer her daughter didn’t know much more than what they taught her in her computer class which was pretty much or less how to type. She resolved to go see Dupe’s school headmaster and confront him with the happenings; maybe Dupe had made some bad friends. She could not come to the terms that her 10 year old daughter might need psychic evaluation as a friend suggested. A friend that became a fiend for her sincere opinion.

She had no decent answer for what porn meant and she didn’t need her daughter knowing what it meant talk less of watching it so she said, “I don’t know what it means and what your mother doesn’t know, you don’t need to know. Remember that and tell Jide what I said.” She gave a wry smile as she said Jide. Two days later Dupe approached her mother with all glee and sat beside her as she was going through some documents. “Mummy, Jide says it’s a bad thing to be ignorant, it can kill so he showed me a video yesterday.” Sade paid rapt attention, “there was a naked man and woman and he put his penis inside her mouth and vagina, she called it a lolly…..” Sade stopped her midway; she receded into her shell and said in a voice of a woman on a lost course, “Go and pack your things. You will stay with your grandmother tomorrow.”

That night Jide made his last appearance. He laid behind Dupe on her bed, felt her still burgeoning breasts viciously, and whispered “I am going to take you to dreamland” before he let his phallus burst her hymen.

Writer’s note: A great deal of the story has been left to your imagination. Is Jide real or not? Share your views in the comment box