CARNAGE (part 3)


Yep, I must apologize for not bringing you part 3 yesterday but my work is greatly dependent on internet and the wi-fi went down yesterday. I hope you are enjoying the series and if you are just joining us, pls read part 1 and part 2 . Any gbagaun you see is of the devil….. truth. ENJOY

As at the time Nwanne was 17, there was not a single thing about herself that Ada didn’t know. She had even told Ada about her inhibited adeptness in magic. At first Ada would withdraw from her and censure her for hiding such a big thing from her but she soon came to understand why she kept it a secret and she let the feeling of betrayal go. They made up and went back to being lovers.

Although it had been 4 years since the gory incidence, Nwanne’s plot for vengeance never evaded her mind, with each passing morning she looked forward to the day that she would finally have the head of the warlord; Jaja in her hands. She shared her plans with Ada and to her amazement, Ada accepted her part. Nwanne had grown to become a much better warrior than Ada, infact she was a tough competition for the men in that settlement, they revered her for her dexterity in using all form of weapons.

The duo embarked on their journey, each fully prepared for her part. Nwanne had infested Ada with her mania for spilt blood and as they went along, whatever seemed like a threat or was too innocent and timid to retaliate, they slit it open, it was a ritual they partook in everyday. It took them 6 months for them to gather enough information about Jaja’s camp and the men that lived there. Several of the people they had met for information, mostly men, warned them to not attempt whatever it was that they had planned whether vengeance or just a mere excursion. All the people who had ever tried such met their maker at the entrance of the camp besides they were women but they both blatantly denied ever having any plot of vengeance after all, it was ridiculous for 2 women to take down a whole camp of men.

They had paid through their teeth, to get the needed information. They had found out that the camp that once hosted 2000 of the world’s most fearsome and vile men was now occupied by roughly a thousand people, the remaining men had gone to settle in some of the villages that they had spared the women and children while they killed the men, the camp’s food supply had come from such villages. Some of them started a settlement of their own from the ruins of former villages. Ada and Nwanne would later find out that they had obliterated one of the small villages that contained Jaja’s men and the supposedly spared women and children. The men that lived in the camp were divided into 3 groups: swordsmen, archers and other artilleries. The heads of these 3 groups; Ikeme, Obiwon and Kwelu were Jaja’s right hand men; they were all second in command to the throne. They were the only ones allowed into the council of Jaja. Enimity existed between the three groups because Jaja was retired and any of the group heads could have been favored for the throne.

First off, they cut off the food supply to the camp, all they had to do was to set fire to a few of the remaining villages and they slaughtered the remaining people alive, although they had assistance from men that Ada had enchanted. She was an enchantress, she didn’t just have the body, she had the talk and flair. After that part was concluded, the next agenda was what Nwanne needed Ada for; to infiltrate their camp but how?

There was a settlement 5km away from the camp and it contained harlots and all sort of gypsies, the swords men mostly went there to relax. Ada was going to enter as a newbie harlot, she would then charm her way through the swordsmen and hopefully Ikeme would notice her and he did, he carried her back to his place and she teased him some more before she let him have his way with her.

She soon came to make permanent resident on the camp and at the same time she became the most sought after whore on the camp but she would secretly pledge her loyalty and her body to each of the 3 heads; Ikeme, Obiwon and kwelu, and they knew not that she cheated on them, they were all fools to this beauty. She would on occasion descend to the lower ranks, tease them and lay with them. All of this was done in secret but eventually and as expected, the secret will be out and all hell will break lose. Ada and Nwanne had anticipated the magnitude of the disaster in the camp but no one not even the duo knew how it was going to happen.

Ada had sneaked into Kwelu’s shelter as she did on every 4th and 5th night of the week. They both had a splendid night and by morning she lay at the center of the camp, cold, still, lifeless and brainless. Her brain though outside her body, it was still connected by a nerve to her insides. Her blood trailed from Kwellu’s shelter. No one could phantom what happened not even Kwellu who had woken up to another hard erection ready for full penetration. Immediately all secrets let loose. Her death sparked a huge frenzy. The 3 heads felt the betrayal deep within their groins, not the betrayal from Ada, the betrayal that they committed against each other. The tension between them was palpable and the slightest provocation would send the camp into a cauldron of unprecedented chaos. All the men had themselves heavily guarded, anticipating the worst.

Jaja heard of what happened, he wasn’t so surprised; he understood that men were pigs but he never thought his men to be foolish and since he never came out of his shelter, he never knew the apparent disaster that was soon to befall the camp.

Nwanne noticed an eerie difference in the camp that morning but she waited for Ada to rendezvous with her as she did every morning for the past 1 month and reconvey information back to her. That morning the duo planned to reconnoiter the camp. Ada didn’t show up at all and so Nwanne sneaked into the camp as a harlot. She found Ada’s body just at the front of the camp entrance, with a gaping hole in her head. Even in death, she still looked beautiful. Nwanne could not contain her emotions; rage, hopelessness, sympathy, heartbreak, betrayal and a host of other emotions painted her face in an ugly mural. Carnage got into her and with her bare hands and nothing more than a stone, she killed the 7 men that stood at the entrance; 4 of Kwellu’s men and 3 of Obiwon’s men. Her singular act of carnage started a war in the camp.

Nwanne returned back to the settlement with Ada’s body and told everyone what had happened. She gathered the best warriors in the settlement, 15 in all and on the way they gathered 15 extra people. As at the time they got there a fight had begun, it was as if their gods had caused confusion in the camp of the enemy. The group of 30 stormed the camp when the fight was almost quenched. Ada headed straight for Jaja’s shelter but first she had to wrestle his body guards, 2 of them, they stood at the entrance of the shelter. They seemed to be a competition taking into account their sturdy build. She eventually maneuvered them and slit their throats but not after she accidentally received a wound under her armpit. It made her feel weak but she kept on pressing.

Finally, she was one on one with Jaja. An event she had anticipated her entire teenage years. He still had it in him but his hand had grown weak, she would have had him in no time if not for the wound she suffered from, she felt light-headed but still pressed on. Their weapons flailed, they showed quick maneuverings, they mured each other, they talked about the evils they had done, he came to understand her bitterness and she came to understand his thirst for power. They both suffered from a carnage mania but one was for power the other for love.

She eventually had the last strike as she wittily locked his proficient arm in a tight embrace against her sides, her back was to him and his weapon in her front, she jabbed him with her elbows and he compromised his weapon, he let it slip out of his hands as he fell to his knees. In a quick turn she gave him an uppercut that made him a tad unconscious. She mounted him on a chair and waited for him to gain consciousness and then she tortured him, cutting his fingers, tongue and manhood. Before he passed out, she carried her sword to slice his throat but then it hit her, what better way to honor her beloved than for Jaja to die the same death. She picked up his weapon; the hammer from where it lay and dashed his fore head with so much strength that brain matter came spewing out the back.

Blood from her armpit trickled down even faster now and she had a hunch of uncertainty but still she pressed. She cut his head, went outside and stood on a tree stub, she raised his head high and stuttered in a loud voice

“V-V-VICTO………” the remaining syllable lost to life, she dropped; cold and lifeless.


This is the concluding end of the story, I hope you liked it. Make sure to air your views in the comment box, criticisms will be highly appreciated (don’t be shy) even if it’s just an inconsistency in the story.

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7 Responses to “CARNAGE (part 3)”

  1. So Ada Died…..sad to hear tho!
    I thought Nwanne had magical powers….seems to me like she.(you) just forgot about it, she could have healed herself ya know.

    I was hoping to see some lesbian action but…….
    Nice series bro. Really enjoyed every post.

  2. I thought ada died

  3. The yomi guy has a point…how can nwane jst forget that she had powers…this part just seems like a rushed work sincerly…still nice

  4. bankysalaks Says:

    Mind boggling IMO even tho I expected one of the girls to die! …. Reminds me of dem lantern books we used to read back then, without the lesbian action and gore tho! Thumbs Up!

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