Carnage (part 2)


This is the continuation of yesterday’s story, if you didn’t read part 1, endeavor to read it here . Enjoy

With nowhere to go, she embarked on a journey of no return. On the first day, she travelled as far as her feet could carry her, finally coming to rest at twilight and she made room for herself under the pear tree that fed her that night. At the break of dawn, the loud chirping of bird and the half rays of sunlight that penetrated through the lustrous vegetation cover caused her to twist and turn until she finally bumped her head against the thick fibrous roots of the tree. She woke up to a hunger that tied the inside of her intestines in knots, she was in dire need of food and there was none. Alas it occurred to her that she could make feast of the pretty creatures above her that hummed and chirped, she drew out her father’s sword from under the earth (she covered it with sand before she slept) and tried to aim one of the juicy birds, the sword missed and the bird didn’t even flinch, she made a second attempt, this time round, the wood splintered and many of the birds flew away. She considered her decision unwise and decided to try her first magic spell unsupervised. She had tried the spells on small creatures before but she had failed to charm them.

Her mother had told her

“only the desperate cast the best spells and you are still a beginner”

and then she had asked her mother “are you desperate”

and her mother replied

“I’m a seasoned sorceress, I don’t need desperation, I only need to will it, if you can will it, you can charm it”

Those were the two things that she needed to catch her prey and with a bout of desperation and a heart that burnt with will, she had not even uttered as much as a word when a juicy fat bird descended into her palms. She was a natural, her sorceress skills were going to be incredible. And for the first time she was going to slice the throat of a creature with red blood, she made a fire and ate her prize. From that moment onwards Nwanne never looked back and her mad love for the red liquid gushing out of slit veins and arteries became unquenched.

After she had recuperated enough strength, she moved on from where she had rested and with each passing night, she embraced the wild outside. On the 4th day of Nwanne’s little adventure, she happened upon the first human she had seen since the horror in her village. It was a girl, much more beautiful than her and don’t doubt that Nwanne was very beautiful herself. The girl appeared to be a bit older with her front chest being much more pronounced and admirable, she also took into notice the considerable height difference. Nwanne guarded herself with the best shield her magic could produce, she laid her sword under a tree and waited until the girl at the stream was through having her bath and was about wearing her cloth. Out of nowhere Nwanne popped up on this beauty that looked like something out of the copulation of lesbian angels. Ada as Nwanne would finally get to know her as was startled but within a few moments the bond was instant, it was almost as if Ada had been charmed. Nwanne narrated her entire story to Ada, Ada felt recompense for her and told her that her own story was not so much different, she was also 13 when the evil warlord raided her village. She brought Nwanne under her roof and introduced her to the settlement she lived in. Apparently everybody in the settlement had a bone to pick with Jaja, they nurtured one another in the art of weaponry and fighting. Nwanne never revealed that she knew how to cast magic spells besides it was an inceptive gift, both her parents had it but none of her brothers did. With time Nwanne was fuelled with an intense passion to kill Jaja but this passion was rivaled by her love and lust for Ada.

Ada had been Nwanne’s pillar, she helped her understand herself and her urges, she taught her new things, she was a mother, friend and sister to Jaja, occasionally Ada kissed her on the lips and it sparked all sort of colors in her head. As the years passed she chased away every potential suitor that came to be satisfied in a corporal lewdness with her or Ada. Many times she lay in the nude expecting Ada to take note of her body and be entranced just the same way she was enthralled by Ada’s. Nwanne stayed awake long after Ada had slept just to lust after her. Ada, though fair had a full extension of black hair that matched the scenic view of moonless aurora nights, it draped down well below her neck and it never tangled. The moonlight that crept over every surface it could it could cast its gaze on heralded the ampleness and solidarity of her 2 breasts. Her beautiful facial features were not left out in the magnificent gamut of light as they glow, each feature boasting its own pride. As I said; she looked like something that came forth from the lesbian coitus of angels. As she took into detail every part of this beauty, Nwanne could not deal with the cravings and urges, she would then eventually please herself in the only way that could subdue the violent rush in her to turn this fair beauty around and have a lascivious night with her.

Eventually Ada would notice that which Nwanne had hoped she would all the time they had spent together. Nwanne was 16 at the time and very much a woman. Ada, 2 years older than Nwanne came home on a-cloudy-dark-about-to-rain-night. For reasons she could not properly elaborate on and neither did Nwanne understand the circumstances, Ada cried deeply and painfully. Maybe it was all a front. But Nwanne provided the needed comfort and attention, uttering words that filled one with a sincere passion for something ungodly. Soon Ada would kiss Nwanne on the lips and then recoil her head to apologize for the act but Nwanne was quick to return the favor in a much more deeper, sensual and passionate act. Neither Ada nor Nwanne would break the kiss, Nwanne then took the bold step to slide her hands through the hems of Ada’s garment and caress the undulating parts of Ada’s figure. Ada didn’t seem to mind and she let whatever it may that was to happen that night happen. They both found themselves in a unity and oneness that explains and defines the in-depth nature and boundaries of love, each delivering an inexplicable ecstasy to the other. They went on for hours with moans of willful joy and an inextinguishable energy. They rocked each other’s world. That night; they were consummated in their love.


Come back tomorrow for another exciting story.


8 Responses to “Carnage (part 2)”

  1. Lesbians sha.u write well

  2. Dude, You have to teach how to write like this!!!

    “she looked like something out of a copulation between lesbian angels”
    Do we have some of those in CU?

    Great read!

  3. weird_oo Says:

    It gets even more interesting. Let’s have some deaths!!

  4. Some serz leasbian ish sha oooo…..

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