Frustration with a gleam of joy.

DAY 1.


It’s truely been a long while since I opened my blog, although there is no dust here. I wonder why bloggers will be like there’s a load of dust on their blog when they haven’t blogged in a while (THEIR PALAVER, I guess).

Let me inform you that i would be starting A-POST-A-DAY-AS-LONG-AS-I-HAVE-INTERNET-CHALLENGE. Hopefully it should be for 30 days, so let me enjoin you to subscribe and visit this blog everyday, hopefully all the days will be …….. Enjoy today’s post, i wrote it in frustration.

You think you are normal but you are not. You throw tantrums all over the place, you wreck havoc and cause chaos. Yes, we are smiling now because you are cute but then you make our hearts sad with the way you behave. It’s appalling to see one of your favorite people in the world continually botch and it is even worse when you can do hardly anything to right the wrong. I am not a saint so I won’t throw stones at you, besides I was once in your size but then time passes, grace makes you see the next day, food makes you bigger, mistakes and lessons make you smarter but I am definitely not meant to spare the rod on that troublesome ass of yours but I find myself to feeble to inflict real tears of pain on you. I won’t lie tho’ when you cry because you are hurting after falling and bruising your knees from one of your very dangerous plays that I cannot overemphasize the many times I have told you to stop, a sort of mischievous smile crosses the face of my heart, a compensation for the troubles you put me through each day.

It seems like the food you eat is too much, so much that you expend the extra energy making my life miserable throughout the day, atimes I hesitate feeding you in the morning, maybe if you were starved throughout the day you would sit down in one place and be calm, you will grow a bit of sense and not gyrate round the whole living room while shouting and raking everything in your path. For once maybe you would act like me and be gentle. Peace is all I crave, peace begat more love, I want to love rather than loathe.

You continually sap my energy each day, you make me wonder what sort of creature will make me regret once being in your size, you make me rethink the past and apologize to my caretakers for the things I did that really got them pissed. I wonder if I were just like you or you are just a rare case of mental retardation with your near to deluded facial contortions and ever deafened ears that can’t tell the difference between ‘go and come’ but it sure can listen to those brightly colored and far from human freak shows on tv. I am not angry at you in any respect, as I stated earlier you are one of my favorite people in this world. I will surely take a bullet for you, and I don’t expect you to return the favor back atleast not in your size.

You make me laugh and wonder so much that my head hurts from the excitement you give me. Your cheerful plays and innocent lies bemuse me, your carefree imitations and frequent stuttering cracks me up, your frivolity and altricial nature makes me envious, envious because my own prime in being inconsequentially thoughtless is past and I didn’t get to exploit it. Just as sometimes I don’t want to grow up because I am afraid of the responsibilities, worries, challenges, sacrifices and the other balderdash the future may bring that makes one lose his purity and the firmness and the beauty of his skin to time, I wish you wouldn’t grow up either because then you would realize that there is a whole lot more to life than just to play without pray, you would become tainted and that innocent look in your eyes will ever more be covered in red guilt.

You will see beautiful images and have a perverted perception, you will hear straight sentences but have a lewd understanding of what was spoken, you will be judged, loved, liked and loathed. You will be heartbroken and cry but this time  round your crying would cause you to change and be resolute. But just chill and relax, let time and all of its complexities continually bump you in the head, that’s how I learnt, that’s how my elders learnt, that’s how breathing creatures learn and grow stronger. I shouldn’t be telling you all these. No pressures.

Remember you are just a child, it doesn’t make you mentally impaired, it only makes me envious.


9 Responses to “Frustration with a gleam of joy.”

  1. This is beautiful. :’)

  2. First?

    Very nice post Yemi.

    I have to admit there was a paragraph I thought the whole post was about your stomach.


    Great read tho.

  3. isaac nagu wunuke Says:

    make sence

  4. We like…… 🙂

  5. weird_oo Says:

    Don’t we all love babies? Yes…when they are quiet.

  6. wow…..its nyce tho!!!!

  7. adebola johnson Says:

    Ur nephews rite? Nice piece on them.

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