I was at the agege market yesterday with my mum, she went to purchase some items. That was not going to be my first time going there but each time I go I never want to go back there again….. I am sure right now you will be asking why? But in the course of this post, you would understand better.

I have come to love seeing beautiful things around me, whether artificial or natural, I don’t care what you do to attain such beauty all I know is that I want to see beautiful things and beautiful people around me. I don’t come from a home like that of the Dangote’s or the Adenuga’s, both my parents are retired but they ensure they give me all the necessary things I need to survive and they still find room to add luxury. I am so grateful to God for counting me as part of the privileged few that don’t roam the streets looking for their next meal or looking for a place to rest their heads, I am not part of those that their parents find it hard to pay their school fees. I am privileged to look around my parent’s house and see beauty and so it saddens my heart when I get into another man’s quarters and he cannot afford to cloth his children and put food on the table or send his child to school or even give his children proper health care. It’s just sad.

The next question is what have I done to help? Nothing. Is it the meager amount of money that I drop from time to time in the donation boxes of charity organizations that will brighten their future? Certainly not. The donations are barely enough to take care of the motherless and the crippled talk less of the able that strive daily to make their poor ends meet. Well at my age and level I can’t really do much as I am still a bit dependent on someone else’s wealth but it does not justify my silence or maybe it does. The least I think I can do is to make a resolution to do whatever it is I can do in my power to assist those who cannot fend for themselves. The government might have failed but will humanity then fail at assisting its own kind.

I remember a particular day when I was coming back from the airport, I got stuck in traffic and I saw this woman with her child barely up to a year old tied on her back.. The child looked lifeless but I couldn’t say much from afar. What amazed me was that she was filling up a very dirty keg with water she was fetching from a muddy stagnant puddle of rain water. I wanted to think otherwise until I saw her gulp the water down. The sight was infuriating and it brought out all sort of irk in me but still I did nothing to alleviate the woman’s condition. Maybe I didn’t care enough or it was just not my duty. So what right did I have to be angry, what business did my emotions have with feeling pity when it was not going to make me a better person but rather a weak person.

Watching videos in school about kids suffering and needing help used to stir me to soberness and I noticed the videos got everybody in the auditorium saying “aww” and then it will get them looking for the least change in their pocket, let’s say anything less than #50. I am not speaking for myself here, I like to think I am a bit more considerate. The minute they step out of the auditorium they completely forget what it was that made their hearts feel a slight tremor. We are only human and I agree.

The pictures and videos of these less privileged individuals became increasingly more and I resolved that if I didn’t have any plan to save them from their predicament, I can as well just shut my heart and so I did but one thing that still managed to break the seal I had now placed on my heart was that despite the situation these individuals were facing, they still managed to adorn their faces with a bright smile and that is one reason I love this nation. We encourage each other to appreciate what we have got without even knowing. We are a happy people.

From all my experience, although short, I have come to understand that our emotions are meant for something greater than pity. They are meant for positive change. We were not created emotional beings so that we could be weak. Heck no, we have these emotions to make us stronger, to tie the bond of unity where someone else has broken the link. Our emotions are meant for others, they are meant to make us human and being human does not entail weakness, it entails resilience in the face of weakness. Our emotions are meant for greater things. Cast away the fear and anxiety, the belittlement, the ego and act for positive change.


10 Responses to “GREATER THINGS.”

  1. philippe luseyi Says:

    Nice post YJ, You Should Run For President. #JustKidding or maybe I’m not

  2. NicEeeeeeeeeee

  3. Niice work bro!

  4. really niceee!!

  5. U’ve got a great heart……. God bless u bruv

  6. the one that gets to me is when i see little children sent to beg on the streets or those that endanger their lives running across the express to sell goods worth N5 or N10 *sighs its really sad.

  7. Hey big head, just awarded u a versatile blogger award, visit for more details.

  8. please run for pesident in future.i will vote for u for sure…….

  9. sanya bowlhu Says:

    i rili tink u shuld join project 1 million n jes in case ur lookin 4 a team to join orphanage support team is d best place 4 u to b in

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