*Coughs* First of, I want to make it clear that yesterday’s post was totally fictional, none of that BS happened. I am glad you enjoyed it but please ooh, nobody should fall my hand by saying that shit really happened, it was just for your amusement.

Today the very amazing Kemi will be gracing my blog with her awesome ability. I once asked her to marry me (I wasn’t so sure if I meant it or not) and without thinking twice, she bluntly said ‘No.’ Long story short; She killed my ego. I should not be sharing stories like this with y’all… don’t know what is wrong with yours truly.

May I announce that this challenge will end most likely tomorrow, my internet will expire soon and I can’t be posting from my phone plus I have not had a good night rest in days and it’s beginning to have its toll on me.

Anyway, I leave you with my…… ehm, how do they introduce guest writers again…. Wo sha read and Enjoy.

Kemi Rambles.

I was jejely being a weist and playing temple run on my own when Yemi Johnson (I’m used to calling him. Yemi Johnson from high school) sent me a text saying he wants a post from me; I’m like what is wrong with this child disturbing my peace ehn? To tell you the truth, I’m suffering from a serious case of writer’s block. Even though Larry Sushey says it does not exist, I guess I’m a mutant.

I just finished writing my first professional examination and I don’t have any brain juice left. That shit sucked the creativity out of me.

I asked Yemi for a muse. Yemi; useless as always, could not help my situation.

I racked my brain. Nothing.

Yemi finally asked me to write about Grey’s Anatomy or just ramble.. So I ramble..

Lol. Cool story.

So I got stuck while trying to ramble and I did not want to bore you guys with my med school stories so I decided to tread the deep path since I have lost my funny bone.


I was just thinking about how amazing it was that I had become really good friends with this particular girl even though I had misjudged her.

The first time I saw her, she was wearing this uber short dress and I tagged her ‘slutty’. I didn’t even get to know her.

I know you have heard it time and time again “don’t judge a book by its cover” the saying cannot be overemphasized.

So back to this my friend. I tagged her “annoying” because she always had this air of happiness around her and I’m like “what is making this one happy sef?”

Without saying even a word to her, I disliked her and tagged her “bitch” yet again when I heard certain things about her and things she had done in the past.

Now, I feel the need to apologize to her because she was wrongly judged and who am I to judge anyone when I’m not even near perfect? Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes.

It turns out that this my friend is just a free-spirited somebody that has a different lease in life. She really doesn’t care about what people say and is blessed with a kind heart.

Different people go through different things and the things they go through may affect their actions, behaviors and how they come off.

Some people have problems at home.

Some people may be traumatized for one reason or the other.

It may be a medical condition of some sort.

That nympho may have been abused sexually.

That alcoholic may be drinking away his sorrow; trying to forget his troubles.

The crack head too.

The bully/bitch may have ego/self esteem issues.

That was me trying to be deep.

Thanks for reading and #GetToKnow… Don’t be fooled by a plastic smile.










I am sure as the ocean line that this post changed y’all for the better and just so you know, I am not the friend she is talking about. You can read her art here.



4 Responses to “A SHORT POST.”

  1. 9ice Combo! Lol.

  2. Seeing as you don’t wear short dresses,I’m assuming she didn’t mean you.

    So 10 days became 9 days? Coo

  3. Kem dela creme…….. Always has this extra outlook on issue, thnk yemi for makin her do this

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