I placed my hand under my pillow to get my phone, it was just 2:45 a.m and my sister’s cackle had woken me for the fifth consecutive time this week. I hardly got a good night rest because of her. There were 2 extra bedrooms in the house but dad still made me stay with her and he made us share the same bed. Listening to her talk was agonizing, worst off is listening to her talk dirty to her boyfriend over the phone, saying obscene words my 14-year-old ears should not hear, not that I  haven’t heard or used the words before. Common I am 14 years and I attend a boarding school. I know sitting beside a girl won’t get her pregnant, kissing a girl won’t get her pregnant cause I have done that and I know for sure that wearing a condom before sex won’t get a girl pregnant but that I haven’t tested that.

I scream out loud “Enitan would you just shut up, I will soon be back in school, let me enjoy my remaining days at home.” She kicks me and tells me to shut it. It’s so annoying that I can’t beat her. I can handle her, I am fairly big in size and she is petite even though her age says otherwise. I pull out the second pillow from under her teddy and use it to cover my left ear while I place my right ear on my pillow. I tried thinking of something pleasant that would put me back to sleep but her incessant laughter kept on interfering with my perfect reverie. My mind drifted off to the event that happened between my sister and her so-called boyfriend of one month that claims he loves her and she says she loves him also. I still wonder how a 20-year-old could be so daft.

It was about 3 weeks ago that my dad came back home to find one of the notorious locals dry humping my sister, my dad was livid about it but he didn’t show so much fuss, he only made it clear that he didn’t want to see his daughter with the boy again. “He is useless, a good for nothing, a bad seed and if you are not careful the evil in him will seep into this family insidiously.” That’s all he said after he pursued the boy away. He laid more of the blame on me than he did on her, asking me questions and yelling at me. I understood why he did so.

It wasn’t up to a week later that I came in with dad and met this same useless boy, pants down, deep throating my sister. They didn’t even have the common courtesy to be more discreet about it. Thank God she still had her pant on, seeing as her skirt had come off, I was not so sure if they had done it that time but as no one was sweating and the condom was still in the pack on the floor, I could only assume that my sister’s virginity was saved by the bell. The church bell my father forgot to carry along. A coincidence I suppose. He was a new member of a church that believed in bells as an effective means of communicating with God. I still don’t get why he changed church, I think he is looking for a church were prayers are answered, this was the 4th time he was changing church in the last 2 years. My mum would always say “stay in your church and exercise patience, one day the lord will answer your prayers.” My dad believed otherwise. Mum was a strong Anglican.

The glass door had been wheeled back and the curtain was the only thing separating us from an experience I would never forget. Dad drew back the curtain and quickly pushed me back with all stealth, still maintaining is stealth poise he walked quickly to land a hard slap on the boys back. He was still deep in my sister and from the sound he made “yay, oko mi ooh” it seemed like my sister had accidentally bitten him before he fled. I stood at the door and watched the whole thing unfold. The boy was quick to pick up his trouser and escape but not after dad had landed several punches and kicks on him. I was surprised he didn’t fall as he tripped over the leg I had set in place for him as he fled out of the house semi-nude. It was hilarious. Dad was furious, he sent me up to my room but instead I hid behind the wall and listened. He said all that needed to be said and I agreed with him, nodding my head gently behind the wall.

My phone buzzed under my pillow, I picked it up only after looking at the caller id, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t that new girl in class that allowed me caress her, I didn’t want to give her the impression that I liked her, she was only a means to a thirsty end. I put the phone to my ears, “hello daddy, what is it.” He replied “tell your sister to keep quiet, I can hear her laughing from across the corridor. Tell her if she doesn’t keep quiet I will come over there and collect the teddy.” I tell her exactly what dad said, she cuts the phone and withdraws into herself clutching  her teddy like it was hope. I feel a sudden eerie chill in the room like my mum’s ghost was in the room.

Mum’s death was hard on both dad and Enitan. To me it was one of those things that was meant to happen, I didn’t grieve more than was needed, not that I didn’t love her, she was my favorite person in the world but her absence didn’t mean so much to me. Maybe it’s because I have always been autonomous. Although I miss her sometimes.

Mum was Enitan’s person, she was her best friend. Everyday Enitan would run home from school just to tell mum how her day went. She was top of her class and exhumed every quality a mother would want in a child. She was practically in love with mother. On the fateful day of my mother’s demise, Enitan had a heated argument with my mother in the kitchen and stormed out of the kitchen angrily. Shortly after mum experienced bouts of epileptic shock, in the process she bit off her tongue and swallowed it. It was not the convulsion that killed her, she choked to her death on her tongue and bled out from her mouth, a terrible death I presume, dad would not even let us tell the circumstances in which she died. Enitan heard the sound in the kitchen but she refused to go and see what was happening. I was the one that found mum’s still body under a pool of blood. The autopsy result revealed she had a malignant brain tumor, so either way she would still have ended up dead, the church beleives it was the attack of the devil. I believe the test results of modern medicine, dad believes the church’s theory and Enitan strongly believes it’s her fault and she can’t seem to get over it. Her teddy is the only thread connecting her with reality, the teddy once belonged to mum.

We have taken Enitan to different psychiatrists but there has been no improvement, it has been 2 years since the event and dad is desperate for help. I always have to watch after Enitan when I am on break and that is why we share the same bed and room. I am thinking of dropping out of boarding school to take better care of her, I can always attend one of the local day schools. Her life is a complete sham and she lacks every bit of common sense, she can’t differentiate left from right, her mood swings are terrible and she constantly has nightmares. She has quit school and no longer has an iota of hope. She has attempted suicide twice but dad foiled the attempts. Her useless boyfriend is just taking advantage of her and it annoys me to pieces, sometimes I wish I could slap her out of her misery and into reality but her brain is already toasted. I pity my dad to, he has to bear all the brunt.

I hear Enitan sobbing, I stand up from my corner on the bed and whisper calming words into her ears, I pat her on the back until she falls asleep. My name is Rotimi Samuel Ifesowapo and I am my elder sister’s keeper.

This story was not meant for your amusement. It is meant for you to provide help. TRUE STORY.


6 Responses to “TRUE STORY.”

  1. Too long….

  2. I wonder whose story it is.

  3. The story caused some mood swings here. Lol. 9ice 1 anywayz.

  4. Quite sad. But I’m not a fan of those who wallow in self-pity.

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