Lender: You can’t escape now, I must collect my money today.
Borrower: If I kill myself, I’ll be free from you. He brought out a knife, stabbed himself & died. Lender smiled & said: If u think you can die with my money, you are joking. He picked up the knife & also stabbed himself & died. Meanwhile a guy was watching from a distance. He laughed & said to himself these guys are fools: I must watch this fight to the end so he picked up the knife and killed himself.. lol, who is the biggest fool?

Yeah, I know you are a bit bothered about the title and you are hoping I would not bore you with some medical crap. Let’s just hope so because I don’t know where this post is going. Don’t yet close your browsers ooh. Let’s just enjoy the read.

There are a lot of cool medical words that you will never hear of till death, not that watching Greys anatomy is a solution to knowing them, it probably won’t help much, there is so much drama involved, so, so, so much that you would forget you are watching a medical drama plus it gives you hypochondria. I can’t count how many illnesses I have imagined I had. From pancreatic cancer that only becomes detectable when fatal, to me going in to remove an inoperable brain tumor and come out getting a prefrontal lobotomy. Just so you know, I didn’t google this. One of the reasons why I wanted to study medicine was so that I could say some cool fancy words like alcoholic cardiomyopathy and make everybody in the room turn in awe. I am sure everyone has had that fantasy, (so you can stop calling me black man in your minds), plus they don’t get cumulative gpa’s. All you need is to get a pass. Get a pass in engineering and you are doomed to leave the school with a cgpa that is not enough to make airtel to airtel calls. My real muse to study medicine came from the published journals and sudden fame of Ben Carson but then to get a good reputation and career in medicine is not just a walk in the park, you would have to forsake everything else. Of what use will a reputation be if you are not happy?

Another profession I considered before going for engineering was law. I just love the idea of proving someone wrong despite the evidence is clear and concrete. The books I read and tv shows I watch makes me only admire the profession even more. Nigerian lawyers just don’t give that impression, they lack that swagger idea I have in my head and that’s probably why I never took on law. Their ugly wigs and over sized coat they call suit is a waste and a shame to fabric. Some of them try tho. For those of you that have watched suit, you would get that my idea of an ideal lawyer is Harvey Specter, the guy has got the Chuck Bass swag. Sometimes I wonder if people like that really exist, the swag is just too much for one person to handle, it’s a limitless feeling.

One profession I would never enter is accountancy and the related professions to it. The most boring thing ever is to be an actuary. Really, you like adding and subtracting numbers. Baba nla boredom. It is also my personal belief that accountants, economist, and the related subjects are to blame for greed. Yes I said it, my biased opinion is that all they ever think of is how to accumulate and consolidate wealth, making them rich and exploiting the skills of the real workers (doctors and engineers) to bring in more money for them, they leave the skill less poor and at the bottom of the food chain. It’s a pity tho. Let me explain further, as a CEO your primary objective is to make money and you resort to your nitty-gritty knowledge of economics and the related subjects or you bring in the financial experts to assist you in devising means to consolidate wealth, to make people dependent on you in order to obtain whatever change they have left in their pocket thereby creating a gap between the rich and the poor hence the social segregation.

OK, seeing as I have deviated greatly from the original idea of the post, it would be outright dumb for me to jump back into something totally incoherent with what I am saying. I ain’t that disorganized and I don’t have problems that require me visiting the clinic on the left side of yaba. In light of this matter, I will not be changing the post title as this would affect my whole work and I have to sleep, I can’t be typing at this time in the night, I am not earning shishi from writing. I will not be responsible for any gbagauns, my eyes are too heavy. See I am unique I am writing a disclaimer in the middle of my post and finally, why I chose to study engineering.

Mum wanted me to be a farmer and pups wanted me to be a medical doctor, thank God my elder sister chose to study medicine, so I didn’t really have to argue on what I wanted. Having a child that studied medicine is bragging rights to a father and it helps to build his ego. Trust me, I know this. I also hate reading abstract stuffs, it’s just boring and depressing, I just have a flair for calculations in mathematics and physics.

Most people don’t understand the gravity of our work, the hours we spend trying to solve those eigen values, the partial ODE’s, the matrix, the integrals, the equations ati be be lo. It still annoys me that this joke could be funny. (Q: if x – 9 = 0, what is x,  A= no be x dey there so!). Imagine a world without laptops, ipad, and other gadgets, it is in that world that x is just a letter.

Trust me, I’m an engineer.


2 Responses to “GREYS ANATOMY”

  1. Hmm.
    I wee write my own.

  2. Umm..Okay..

    medicine disclaimer – its not abstract.. Its logical,evidence based and very real…

    Its like studying yourself. Awesome.

    And btw.. Its not a ‘pass’ mark. Its a 50. A 49.9 kicks you to the curb.. All A’s and one 49.9 = curb!!!

    that 50 is the hardest shii..

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