Day 3 of 10 day challenge


All characters in this play are totally fictitious and any resemblance to any character alive or dead is purely coincidental. Woah, writing that made me feel published. This post was brought to you via the muse provided by a philosophy class. ENJOY.


The hot sun scorched the road as students flocked into the lecture theater for another much hated philosophy class.

He was dreaded, boring, strict, annoying, obnoxious, adjectives are not sufficient to describe him. I am not even sure of his gender but I think he was male. He was a beast with no nation but he ran things. A fish with no school but his philosophy was my school. I digress to call him it, IT in caps, I fear to underestimates IT’s ability. Please IT in bold italic caps.

The atmosphere was never electric both literally and figuratively but ITs visage sent shock waves through my body

Sometimes I don’t remember IT talking but I always heard a screaming voice. ITs lectures sounded like automated monotones. Listen and you will be dabbed in sleep. Do not listen, I fear not to. Till now I wonder how I made it until that day. ITs instructions were mere gestures that I would wave off from an individual of the sapiens specie but as I said, IT was a beast. ITs mannerisms; as barbaric as it was, they were ITs means of effective and feared communication, they were loud, clamorous and frightening. ITs gestures screamed at my brain and ITs bark, although more like a purr was sleep inducing, and it made me think he had more nice in him. My eyes were the receiver of this heinous scream demonstrated by ITs body movement, no wonder they sometimes call it body language. The scream causes spontaneous responses that I never knew were in me.

Today seemed good. The screaming voice was absent

Of all the decisions I have ever made, only one do I regret and the rest are centered around it like a conglomerate of small organisms on a rotten stake. A moment of sheer boredom caused me to bend and toy with an ant. Only if I knew my future lay in the hands of a nonentity. IT had just screamed again but my eyes (my window to this tainted world) had been stolen by a trifle ant. It made me a weakling and susceptible to the inevitable reality. Another reality struck me and there was no scream to send me back. I drifted into a reality where fantasies and dreams are real and death in this new reality was blasphemy.

IT could not miss me, how could IT, IT was a beast, a beast never misses its mark. Thirsty bastard.

To say I was far gone is a lie. I was in a casual, unsuspecting and a tad denying state, my head was hung on my right hand while I inadvertently but still cautiously tortured the ant that held my destiny but the truth is the truth and indeed nothing is hidden under the sun for it was the sun that cascaded me in its marvelous light and festering heat. A loud thud, the pain on my cheek, the chill in my spine, the flames in my eyes coupled with mixed emotions of fear, anger and pride, a thoughtless brain and a splenetic mind. That’s all the info you need to understand how I got here and put together a cool action story.

I was a ticking time bomb with flaring flames of emotions.

The fear stung me hard but still my pride exceeded this. IT was never to touch me at least not in front of my peers. My flaring emotions got aggravated and they didn’t know their way back home. There was no home. This was the first time I was going to reply the beast. My temper shut out the screams and IT looked like a robotic contraption trying to communicate non-verbally. I laughed out loud and ridiculed IT. IT engaged me and with every punch he gave, I returned two cheerfully. I actually had more flair than the beast and sooner than I imagined I had plundered IT into a realm that is unreal to the undead. Things were never going to be the same for I assisted a man to cross into the other side. It’s a pity that the sapiens species frown on such benevolent deeds and they say would say charity begins at home. People ought to praise me. I served the capital punishment to a beast.

Nothingness, emptiness, nihility…………… my new location.

Since my charitable deed, beholding the glory of the light reflected of a piece of silverware is an impossibility, talk less of the sun light. Not that I can’t see but there is  a darkness down here that can’t be explained. Whips are addicted to me and lashes are my best friends, I bear no scars and my skin is sore. My crown of victory is for those I liberated from the beast, no one can torment them again. For their sake I was put under the guillotine. Maybe it is my story to tell, my mystery to solve, their redemption to claim. Since I got her I have seen IT, IT had so much fear. How wouldn’t IT, I digress to call IT him. Sitting here in my empty room with a perturbed body, I have shut out all regrets and my hopes of getting out has been flushed down the drain. The flashbacks are fading with each passing moment. Can’t wait for the memories to completely disappear.


4 Responses to “WOGU.”

  1. ……………

  2. Lol THIS is funny n interesting…..I love d depiction if drama from sumn dat could look so simple to someone uninterested, great use of em fancy words too …. Awesome story basically (^.^)

  3. IT was a wonderful piece

  4. Who’s this about? 8-| . Lol. 9ice 1 tho!

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