vals day special.


I am here again and yes it’s not up to a day since I released my last post. I am going on a 10 day challenge and I am hopeful that I will make it pass the 5th day. You can now stop your side comments. Hmm this announcement was brusque.

It’s time to focus on what is really important. The season of girls getting really nice stuffs is finally here, some people say the day has been cancelled since the date cancels itself out 14 – 02 – 12 = 0. It doesn’t matter to me tho, seeing as I have never made contact with the opposite sex on this day. 😀

I have arranged a short piece and hopefully an interesting one for valentine day. We shall not talk about the blackberry Porsche as it has become the common cliché topic and this blog is in no way cliché. For those of you reading this with a phone, you might not be able to view the pictures below, but it won’t stop you from enjoying the post. ENJOY.

To those guys who have waited and waited and waited (3 years) and thinking today is the day that she is going to open, well there is a 90% chance it won’t happen today until you are ready for the remote control(wedding ring). Your alternative option is getting her that new phone everyone is talking about. Notice how I didn’t say the name of the phone. I keep to my word. Girls see how the phone below is broken below, material things don’t last forever.


For those girls that have high hopes that will eventually be broken today. Trust me your heart is gonna be sore. You don’t need a psychic to know that. Well this is my solution.

Nurse yourself back to health and let one of these fine gentlemen below take care of you.

For those guys trying to have a long-lasting relationship, all you need to do is

  1.  Read this book for a start.


Take the steps to be different

3. And remember 

Never Shoot cupid

For those of you who are not sure of the guy or babe that you have feelings for. The questionnaire below will help you pinpoint the person you so desire.

13.) You can’t stay mad at him/her for more than a minute or two. You actually have to try hard to stay mad.

12.) You read his/her IM’s over and over again.

11.) You will walk really slowly while you are with him/her.

10.) You will feel very shy when you are with him/her.

9.) While thinking about him/her…….. your heart will beat faster and faster.

8.) By listening to his/her voice, you will smile for no reason.

7.) While looking at him/her….. you can’t see the other people around you…. You can only see that person.

6.) You will start listening to slow songs.

5.) He/she becomes all you think about.

4.) You will get high just by their scent.

3.) You will realize that you are always smiling to yourself each time you think about him/her.

2.) You will do anything for him/her.

1.) While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time.

I bet you regret reading this piece because right now, you can’t seem to get the person out of your head. It happens.

I hope y’all will come back tomorrow for another interesting episode.



13 Responses to “vals day special.”

  1. That was a little above average, I actually xpected more….

  2. Those properties…are not people in love.
    They’re broke people. Thinking about their rich business partners.

    Bye. 😐

  3. Nyc………….

  4. This is maaaaadtttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO. =)) Go bro! We’ve got ur back. (Y)

  5. Muy Impressivo! Good start for your ten-day trial. Keep it up!

  6. Muy Impressivo! Good start for your ten-day trial. Best part was the 13-point questionnaire. You’re totally right! Keep it up!

  7. chikkychooc Says:

    Awesome … The partys gon be hot tho

  8. Nice 1 dere

  9. Nice post! The ‘questionnaire’ though, i feel those properties are those of someone who is infatuated not in love. Looking forward to your other posts tho. (y)

  10. Thanks for liking my blog post 🙂

  11. 9ic3….. kip it up

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