I stumbled upon these letters in my head and I thought to myself, why not publish it, so I did.


Dear Busayo,

It has been 10 years since we last saw each other and I still have a lot of fond memories from our school year.

I remember that one time we were together. Those 2 months we spent loving each other. Time froze those moments and I will forever remember them.

You just had to tear my heart into small pieces; pieces that can never be stitched back together and the only thing that still holds me together are those memories, those memories that I’m not sure existed for you.

Now all of my being is fading into space and all I think about is you. You said all was a lie and was a scheme to get back on an ex you ended up marrying. You could have told me but then you said I would not have acted the part well enough. You knew I was a deep lover and several times I had professed my affections for you but you chose to make a mockery of my person, heart and soul. I have acted the part more than was required and I fell into a character that I thought was real. All I am now is all you have made me to be. I blame you for my misfortune and there is no sanity here.

Why choose me, why destroy my destiny, why did you make me feel this way, why did you create these memories, why did you kiss me that night and finally why did you ever let me love you in reality. My vengeance will be the sweetest for I will take the last laugh in my unscripted plot for your damnation. 4 years I spent piecing me broken heart and another 6 years I spent earnestly plotting your bliss less and crisis filled future and in another 6 years all my schemes will unfold into a winding path of infinite abyss. Enjoy your little time for your future is mine to laugh at. My only love is vengeance and it’s never free.

Your worst nightmare,



Dear Uche,

I’m sorry that I never told you the truth and broke your heart and afterwards I played you as a fool. I made you believe you had a chance with me and to be truthful you never did but on the bright side I gave you fame and class, you were finally being associated with the big boys. I gave you a life that your geeky friends could never give you back in school and you should be grateful. The thing was that I needed somebody I could manipulate, someone who would act the role extremely well; someone who would make me too good to be true and you did a wonderful job. I never had in mind to break your heart because in truth I never really cared about you, you were just a means to my goal and I thank you now.

With all that I have said above I am sure that your hate for me has greatly been rekindled but that’s not what I intend. What I said above was what I once felt but I have grown older now and each day I reflect on the mistakes I made in the past and till today I still make mistakes but then again I am only human. I always count our 2 months together as a mistake even though it paid me off in the long run but I never knew you even felt worse about it, I thought you just wanted more fame and all the things you said or did were an attempt to extort me of more fame. I thought you were fame drunk and I played my advantage like a game of draft. I partly blame you for allowing me treat you the way I did and indeed I have learnt a lesson never to forget.

I pray you find it in your heart to forgive me despite all the hate you have developed for me. Now that you threaten to destroy my future I have realized the pain and grief that caused you to hate me so much, I can only imagine what I would have done if I were in your shoes, I just hope you are bluffing about your plans to make me suffer for the sins I never intended in the first instance and again I say I am sorry and if any part of your plan to tarnish me has begun to unfold, I plead with you to feel a bit of the love you felt for me and terminate this plot against my family and self.

Again I am sorry.

Your true love,



Dear Uche,

Since I knew your only excuse has been that it was never your intention to hurt anyone and you are sorry but that’s a lie you have told yourself all your life and the worst part is that you kill others with this lie, well guess what? It was never God’s intention to create you. I hope a sorry will suffice.

Don’t you remember that I made you feel my love. I thought someone like you would appreciate my lovesong but instead you chose to take it all and even after our break up, I told you that I would be waiting because you were my one and only. Instead you played me for a fool in the pretense that I was trying to play you back. I shall set fire to the rain and leave you rolling in the deep. Rumor has it now that it is I who turned the tables.

I am incapable of loving because all the love I feel now is vengeance and it hurts me so much that I cannot give the space in my heart to Maria, she deserves it and I can never be grateful enough to her and that is why your misery shall be her gift. I could care nothing about your family. My conscience is empty and so are my dreams. Congrats on killing two birds with one heart-break, you are a real terror. My peace will be mine to claim when my plans unfold.

You killed my hopes and aspirations and made my future bleak and the truth is that you must pay for everything in this world, nothing is free except the grace of God and I doubt if He would be on your side.

My passion is hate, my food is the end and my life to live is the end of yours.

Your future owner,



Dear Uche,

You do not need to hurt anyone more than me, Maria deserves to know the cold truth. You are not different from me if you keep on lying to her. I sincerely apologize for killing your hopes, dreams and conscience and now that I am at the other end of the line I could only hope that they resurface. You speak of God’s grace like you are a believer but my faith in him will never deter even as I walk through the valley of death. You have reached rock bottom and have lost all your human essence, I feel both guilt and pity for you and I can only wish I could take back my actions. Once again I’m sorry for the pain I caused you.

I hope you reconsider and I will forevermore be in your debts.

Your debtor,



Some people call Uche’s threat a bluff, what do you think.

p.s: these letters were not edited, so any Uche and busayo you know are responsible for the errors.


5 Responses to “HEART BREAK.”

  1. SVO_Tolu_Moula Says:

    Damn bruv!!! Ds shit is Deeeeeeeeep!!! Big ups urself mehn (Y)

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  3. Adele should see what u’ve don’t to her tracks…….. Letter stories, one of a kind…….

  4. Uche’s threat isn’t a bluff cos from what we have here, he seems to have kept a tab on Busayo and her family. In real life, I think it would be safe if they had a one-on-one meet and probably iron out these issues. #mytwocents

  5. Damn!!!!!!
    This shit is CRay !!!!
    Uche seems like a tormented psychopath and Busayo…. An evil manipulating self concerned b***h…
    I feel she deserves what is coming to her

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