Make sense of this poem (The death post)

In my years of playing hard and praying hard

Only one thing have I discovered

Man will surely die in sin for it is our very nature

I lay here in my crimson red blood and many thoughts rush to mind.

My life does not flash before my eyes

But the thoughts of things I could have been impulsively escape my buccal

Or maybe it was a prayer for atonement

It eructed like a volatile eruption of gases in my stomach

Or maybe I did do the obvious…. *belch*

But that does not still change the truth that I am about to meet my creator

Only He can decide if all that is written in the codex is true

For I have believed, doubted and defamed my religion

And I have felt no guilt till now.


I made others subscribe to my new-found faith

And it made them feel purpose even in hopelessness

They understood that all humans have the same fate

And my faith didn’t fear the inevitable at least not until now

They must not see my fear, for their fear that had fled will come home

I will not be held accountable for their decisions

For just as I was birthed with free will, so were they

Only one can give life and free will,

Now you know who to lay the blame on.


A compendium of beautiful ideas welling out of my imaginative endowment

But no one in the beyond needs this

Just as I have become a waste here, so shall they be a waste there

I prayed thee, to let me be as I was born

A babe without contempt for good

To preach the message of the prophets and save the people I inadvertently killed by the blasphemy of my mouth

But I heard the same voice the rich man heard in hell while Lazarus lounged in heaven

“They have Moses and the prophets, if they have ears, let them hear”

Suddenly all seemed to be a continuum of different shades of horrid color and then all white again

A cortege approached me……………. The end eludes me


I feel myself being lifted up and I hear voices in the distant, my eyelids still closed

Indeed there is something such as an eerie feeling.

Alas I wake up to be surrounded by humans

This is definitely not hell for I see smiles

Neither is this heaven for none will make it without sin

I am ten years away from that day and I recall nothing

Maybe death itself is overhyped.

I will test it again someday.


8 Responses to “Make sense of this poem (The death post)”

  1. wiz_stylish Says:

    thats very true..

  2. pls read slowly and ingest…. interesting write up

  3. ibetapassmynebo Says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. . .

  4. RT @ibetapassmynebo

  5. Morgan (@mhorghan) Says:


  6. TheBlogCritic Says:

    ‘…death itself is overhyped.’
    I like this post. Very revealing. And you make it sound like you’ve really been there.

  7. deep!!!

  8. @razork25 Says:

    Gud 1 there bro, seriously u shld av done literature back in high school as this work is highly texted & really thought provoking! Big ups again

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