One Chance

So here I am again. Thirsty, hungry, my clothes ripped and covered in dust, beads of sweat rolling down my face, dried blood just beneath my nostrils and tears viciously fighting their way out of my tear glands and yet it is convenient for me to narrate my story.


Today started off normal, nothing out of the mundane and that is how it had been for the past 2 months until Yemi Johnson came over and asked me to escort him to a wedding. How could I refuse, he was everything I ever wanted in a guy. He was cute, charming, illustrious, adventurous and we shared similar interests and philosophies besides he had the coolest name ever. He was the perfect date. Yemi lived in the apartment beside mine hence we frequently saw each other and he often had this bright smile on his face that lightens up the mood around the area. Every time he was asked why he smiled even at critical moments he had be like

“because Jesus loves me.”

Mummy always wanted me to bring home a Christian, it was definitely him. He was a good cook probably the best I know, a whiff of his fancy dishes and your senses will go haywire. A feeling better than crack itself. He occasionally cooked sweet-smelling casseroles of epic taste and he would call me over to share with him over a glass of red wine, we had talk for hours but nothing more happened. Most times I was lost in the beauty he called his eyes and ended up drifting off into space with his sweet words as my oxygen and his presence as my gravity. I earnestly and eagerly waited for him to ask me out but the day never came and so I summoned up all the courage from the far parts of my body and questioned him about his sexuality. He was straight,b a huge relief. I planted a kiss on his lips and tried seducing him but he would not give in, he pushed me aside and spoke in a tone I had never expected to hear from him, he told me I was clearly losing it. I cried for a lot of days. I questioned my existence that first week of the incident. Was I not beautiful enough? Men literally run after me. I was the epitome of beauty to many, why would this guy not want me.

After the incident we rarely spoke to each other and if at all we bumped into each other in the hall ways, we had both murmur a terse hello and quickly move on.

The height of our discordance was when he once saw me being mugged on the street nearby and he did not bother to assist in any way possible. He just passed by like he saw me soaking garri in public and was too ashamed to greet. Since then we managed to avoid running into each other and surprisingly enough we did not run into each other despite our apartments being close.

We did not speak to each other until this very morning.


I had to make it up to Deola, we ended our friendship on a bad note, she wanted me and I clearly wanted her back but I was afraid to show it, which guy would not want 60kg of pure feminine blood and body. At the time I was dealing with issues in my head. Victoria, the woman who had continuously played with my mind was gone and I was ready to leave the world of loneliness and adult videos. I had to make myself seem like a hero in Deola’s eye and that was my plan.

The phone rang and I was happy to hear Bosco’s voice at the other end, we had not drafted a plan since our first meeting. We rendezvoused at a café down the road. Bosco was wore his usuals; an ugly black coat on those his overly built torso, an American stogy for shoes, a stogy in his mouth (he has a bad smoking habit) and he stood at a staggering 6ft 7in. I’m 6ft 3in. We drew up final plans and we concluded our business. The plan was simple. Bosco will break into the suite which I will direct Deola to and he will attempt to rape her. Shortly after I will enter the suite and attempt to rescue her, a melee will ensue between Bosco and I. He was going to make the fight easy for me and run away. We did not have time to think of a better plan but this plan was foolproof or so we thought.


I had 3 hours to prepare before the wedding and I put those hours to best use. I took a quick trip to the boutique to get myself a stunning and dazzling gown, bought 2 pairs of shoes; a Jimmy Choo and a Manolo Blahnik. I could not decide on the finer pair in good time. I organized for a makeup artist to come do wonders and my hair there was no need to fix it, one of my exuberant male admirers paid for my brazillian hair 3 days ago.

At the end of the 3 hours I was stunning. No guy could have been happier than to be holding my hands at this time, Yemi’s face literally lit up when he saw me. At the wedding reception everyone including the bride took time to have a long gaze at me. I am sure I was responsible for all the waiter’s mishaps as they continued crashing into each other each time they passed my side. I was euphoric. It felt good to be looked at. The party was over and Yemi had finally apologized and invited me to his suite for a romantic evening.

Things were turning out for good and I sure as hell was liking today. I made my way to his suite, thinking of the many things we were going to do together. I could feel butterflies in my tummy. I was almost through undressing myself with the intention to leave only my under garments on. I was scantily clad when a huge guy rushed in and without hesitation he pushed me down to the floor and covered my mouth before I could scream, he slid his bare cold hands through the slit in my garment and tried to pull down my panties. I wrestled vigorously to get out of his grip but I was heavily pinned down.


Ten seconds had passed since Bosco entered the room, it was time for me to put on my cape and come to the rescue. I dashed into the room with expedite, realizing the despicable event that was about to take place, I made haste to pull Bosco away from Deola and I managed to hit him in the crotch just before I tossed him aside. I whispered some calming words into her ears and told her to take cover in the bathroom. Bosco and I fought some more, throwing both real and fake punches, jabs, upper cuts and kicks, I managed to put Bosco to the floor for the last time. I picked him up and I was about to give him my signature move (the Umaga spike) when he got hold of my hands, twisted me around and jammed his rock solid feet into my back, I fell on my knees, the pain was unbearable. This was not the plan, sensing the fight was becoming real, I groveled towards Bosco, I mustered up all the strength I could and with Goldberg’s signature move in mind (the spear) I thrust my shoulders into Bosco’s abdominal region causing him to stagger towards where Deola stood. The amebo just had to leave her hiding spot to watch the fight. Bosco didn’t fall but he hit Deola before he fled.

I panted for a while before I crawled towards Deola’s still body. I wondered why she had not come to praise me for my effort. I noticed a pool of blood around her head and in no time adrenaline got me back on my feet, I tried curbing the blood and resuscitating her but she was far gone. In frustration, anger and fear of the things to come I literally kicked the metallic bucket she gashed her head against.

I have been running from the authorities for the past 3 days and I have been declared the most wanted man in the country, I cannot afford to be apprehended, if not I would be the fourth generation of Johnson men to enter prison and I don’t even have a progeny to carry on my legacy.

I curse the day Victoria played into my head. She caused all my misfortunes.


To read more on the Victoria character, click here. Make sure to read it if you have not read it before, it is short and you would understand my references to her a lot better.

P.S: This publication is not true in any respect except the description of Yemi Johnson.


24 Responses to “One Chance”

  1. Adetola Daniels Says:

    U’re wicked ooo newaiz u’ve done it again, gud choice of words

  2. This is awesome mehn, yemi J. This is classic. . . . . . . If u’re wit me, we cud put this in for an award or sumfin. . . . . . . . This is real good mehn, i wanna b . . . . .

  3. I really liked this piece.. Quite interesting. I especially loved the end.

    “P.S: This publication is not true in any respect except the description of Yemi Johnson.”<- my fave part…LOL

  4. OMG! Yemi! You’re getting really good at this!! (y)
    Im proud of you.

  5. dude ur good (Y). d fight part was hilarious..was thinkn Basco had already pressed Nice 1!

  6. P.S- This publication is not true in any respect except the description of Yemi Johnson

    Loooool…cocky much?? Beautiful post btw..but that Bosco dude sha..ugly name + he took it very personal gan.

  7. I really, really have to stop reading other blogs… This is wonderful mehn… Good job…

  8. nice one yemi reminds me of a novel i have read

  9. Morgan (@mhorghan) Says:

    U’ve got one hell of an imagination!(Y)

  10. Yemi! You have improved greatly!

  11. Sickest Shit You Ever Wrote……….. Thumbs Up bruv

  12. Ha ha ha! The Umaga Style! lolz nice post bruv

  13. ifeoma nwawe Says:

    yemi this is good i swear, your choice of words superb, d description on point. but why do you like hyping yourself?!!!!!

  14. this is REALLLY nice….!

  15. U’ve originality…kudos!!

  16. First timer ere bt hooked already. Off to read abt Victoria.
    Oh, m’fav part? Same with cece and

  17. @ceebee1313 Says:

    nice writeup…ll definitely be bk!

  18. @omo_phineboi Says:

    Lwkmdie ‘…except the description of Yemi Johnson…’If I hear,nice 1 sha…lemme read about ‘Victoria’

  19. amazing imagination!!! Great write-up!!……….. now i cant wait 2 find out what the hell Vicky did to that dude, DAMN!!

  20. Luseyi Philippe Says:

    Getting better, nice one.

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