Make sense of this poem.

I was angry at the airport yesterday and I decided to get on my poetry side (I’m not a poet) and this came into my head, I didn’t have any writing material but I assure you that they lied when they said the faintest handwriting is better than the sharpest memory, I want y’all to be the judge of this poem and please also drop your own beautiful lines in the comment box. Knock yourselves out and ENJOY.

He was once a prince

Nothing he did not have

The rogues came and made him servile

And now he owes his life to them.


He waits only on his master’s instruction

The rubrics he must do with no err

They say to err is human and to forgive his divine

But his master is no saint.


He goes about with a nude torso

His master’s wife is tempted

She approaches him with all the glee in this world

She must be portiphar’s wife but he is no Joseph.


He is called out to go for war

While his master lounges in the back

This is no chess game

But he is a pawn in this world.


He claims to be human

But we scorn him like an animal

We had all be judged before the Lord

Then every man will know his class.


He waits for a day so far and precious

When light will pierce through his cave again

He knows nothing lasts forever

And we will all be back in the dark.


Believe not what you have read

For all is fictional although it might be true

Remember this one thing I beg you

I am the narrator and he is the thespian.


17 Responses to “Make sense of this poem.”

  1. Nyc one

  2. ibetapassmynebo Says:

    Hmmmm nice one

  3. This is kinda sorta cool 😀
    I like

  4. sorta kinda cool, lol. Nyc read yemi.

  5. @edgothboy Says:

    Sounds like a average guy of whom unrealistic expectations are made. Oscillating between free verse and spoken word. Bien!

  6. tojo josh Says:

    Make sense

  7. Y did u say u’r nt a poet…..hz any1 tld u u’r gud? ‘cos u’r. I lyk ur choice of words. Dis is COOL.

  8. LoOol,yemi she’s flattering u o.buh srzly,dis is nyc nd lyk I’ve tld u b4 I still find it very hard 2 believe dat dis is all fiction nd it’s high tym u link encarta to ur blog cos of ur choice of words.

  9. you ddnt belive me!!…………. NICEwork!!

  10. make brainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nice one boy keep eet upp

  11. This is a really niice one Yemii.

  12. MEHN…YEMI….u are good….and only u can fathom this…….keep up the 1derful work. i need such write-ups in my life

  13. tywo Akinnawo Says:

    Nice work Yemi….u are really gud.keep it up k.

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