AN OPUSCULE (real or unreal)

I know I have been MIA but you can’t blame me. I have been busy in school; mum says my academics is my priority. I will also be featuring for the first time on terdoh’s blog. ENJOY.

I have seen beautiful babes in my lifetime. Some exotic and intellectually genius, some I called world best for their remarkable beauty, some I liked because we shared similar interests but that does not matter again. Today my heart has been owned by a pristine creature and I am befuddled over my mesmerized self. How could one be so selfish to own all the beauty, even the lesbian sex of two goddesses cannot birth such beauty. She was a goddess forged from the same oven as the trinity. She is more than a world best, she is heaven’s best.

The magnificent and immaculate beauty of heaven dwells in her eyes. The melodious sound of David’s harp that is able to turn a mad man sane is in tune with her voice. Oh her hair, the way it falls perfectly; just a tad silly and the luscious appearance of her hair is to die for. Only God knows how many blue prints were drawn to produce this beautiful wonder. The curves on her body are exceptional, her lips spectacular and her eye blinding smile (I call it hope) is not of this world, the way her pearly white shines each time she smiles eclipses the sun. Her skin is pure and free from all blemishes, soft and firm, nothing can scar it, and the texture of her pristine skin is soothing to the hands. Her solid figure is unwavering and flamboyant. Her philosophy the wisest and most sensible and her intellect is of the gods. She is the ultimate creature, hence she has no prime. And her name, oh Lord bless the wonderful and sweet Victoria.

Her visage made me feel an uncontrollable tingle in my crotch and my whole body vibrated violently. Seeing her was ecstasy. I imagined talking to her will be joy unfathomable. Her glow and radiance is healing to those who lay eyes on her for the pleasure derived from seeing her outweighs the pain in hell. She was definitely not made for the ranks of men but she had come to liberate their souls from a tainted world. To free men from the terror of the grim reaper, a single whisper and their souls felt accomplished but that’s all in my head.

She has no super power but men are subdued by her gaze, even nature answers to her stance. With her 2 legs (forged from pillars of heaven) together, all creatures give her attention and with her legs apart I feel at ease. I delight to see another day for her sake.

I mustered up enough courage and approached her with a wide grin and many things in mind to say but nothing would bulge and my whole system along with my senses went into frenzy but my body was still as a rock, I was either mesmerized by her beauty or I was overwhelmed to be standing in her front. In a calm and soothing voice she said ‘Hi’ a single syllable yet it felt like she had told me her biography. My mind came back from searching the heavens for what to say but this time around I knew the actions to take. I rose up my hand in a slightly unsuspecting casual manner and with great force I returned it to her face and in a subtle voice I whispered into her ears ‘how dare you make me feel this way.’ I was euphoric. I looked around but everyone seemed to be lost in their own globe of a world, it was like they didn’t see me slap the most beautiful creature ever, it was then that I realized that my hand didn’t strike anything but I could swear that I heard the loud thud that comes after slapping someone very hard but then again maybe it was all in my head.

Your (call me anything)

Yemi Johnson


31 Responses to “AN OPUSCULE (real or unreal)”

  1. NYC ONE maybe na u she slap

  2. @dAmi_oYgUnwa Says:

    Funny story, but then again when or if you ever find your ‘victoria’ try NOT to slap her.

  3. See beta washing! The babe for don trip (return ticket) finish. Na complete love letter men. Complete!

    I will contract you when next I have a babe proving hard to get…deal?

  4. Wow! Yemi, this is rily creative, deep, expressive. Kudos!…….is it 4real?

  5. ibetapassmynebo Says:

    (Possessed)….u need deliverance! Lol niceeeeee!

  6. Tnk God it ws in ur head ..lool..great story..1st tym I’m readin ur blog n i had fun tho wud ave slappd U̶̲̥̅̊ 4rm ere if U̶̲̥̅̊ rili slappd victoria..thumbs up 😀

  7. Nice & interesting…d “loud thud” u heard culd av been ur heart beat..!

  8. You were probably daydreaming and someone slapped you to wake you up? NO? Creative. I liked it.

  9. i waited for end and i got to say it ended well.. great writing bro..

  10. ubongSampson Says:

    yemi………..u write way too good……….. 🙂

  11. Engaging read. I like

  12. chai, c scopes……. ahn ahn, if i write dis one for ma chick, infact ……. nywys, grande mehn

  13. Adetola Daniels Says:

    chai, dat’s all i can say 4 nw, its rily gud

  14. Hahaha this is lovely!!! Oya where is the boy that will desribe me like this naa!! Side eye*

  15. First Visit here…Impressive stuff

  16. isaac nagu Says:

    yemi i thought you well………..isaac jamine

  17. very creative…yemi nice piece

  18. 9ice one bro>>>keep up……………

  19. Wow,had rilly gewd fun reading dis’s luvly. Buh come 2 fink of it,can a guy ever fink dis extreme of a babe????????????

  20. […] not want 60kg of pure feminine blood and body. At the time I was dealing with issues in my head. Victoria, the woman that had continuously played with my mind was gone and I was ready to leave the world of […]

  21. 1nderful write-up……ur Very good Yemi….

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