Appreciate it all.

First of all, I want to appreciate all of you that have supported me, Thank you very much, I love you all.

This post is going to be quite different from my other posts in the sense that I won’t be attaching humor this time around; I just hope it does not turn out to be doggerel. Something happened on the 7th of august and it gripped my heart coupled along with something I read. This post was inspired by @bule_jr’s (the ugly truth) post titled ‘Adieu to Dr. Bassey Obono’ may his soul rest in perfect peace.

I am a Christian and my only faith is in Jesus, there is nothing you can tell me that would change my mind on my religion. I am very sure you all have a deity that you acknowledge for your existence even if it’s a rock, (na u sabi ur god). I hope you won’t mind that I will have to first of all bore you with the details of what happened earlier on today, if you are not interested you can skip the next paragraph (I would).

I was meant to attend 6:20 am service at the faith tabernacle and my first intentions were to go. I even had my bath early in preparation for the service but later had a change of mind maybe it’s because I had twitted through the night *kind of addicted* and I was feeling drowsy so I slept on my bed through the period of the service and I even woke up at intervals to tweet. Or maybe it’s because the service was kind of optional but know this; God is not optional and that is where many have constantly failed, I am so grateful for His wonderful mercies and faithfulness. Later on called mum to tell her of how I was faring in school. My course’s football team (ICT) lost a league match to chemical engineering football team not as if either side played a good game; still angry I did not play. The highlight of the day was watching a video of a friend’s 3 years old niece sing along with the audio of wizkid’s #holla@urboy, she didn’t even chew her mouth for a second.

My friend @boss_persona92 asked me to escort him to the health center; being the person that I am, I escorted him as I had nothing worthwhile to do. On reaching the health center we met some junior pastors and the resident doctor at the façade of the hospital (could not care what they were talking about), we made our way into the hospital and checked in at the counter, they asked us to join a queue, not as if there was any queue. We waited for over 3 hours before anyone attended to the ill boy, worst of all mosquitoes were feeding on me like them twilight vampires *I killed one*. Shortly after we arrived I saw the doctor enter a room with his scrubs along with some nurses wearing latex gloves, a gurney was also wheeled in and in my mind I thought a surgical operation was about to be performed to save a life, little did I know an unfortunate soul had passed on to the great beyond, *the irony of the medical ignoramus*. The body was mounted on the gurney and covered in a blue wrapper, they wheeled the gurney pass me again and from the terrain of the front part of the body I could tell it was a man who died. As the body passed my front a lot of thoughts filled my mind on the purpose of my existence and all that kind of sensible stuff that makes us adore the wisdom of Plato and the gang. You can call me selfish but I could not care more about what happened to the poor lad that kicked a *metal* bucket. All I could do was to thank God for the opportunity he gives me every day to view this world in a whole new light and I am very sure it will be a long time from now before I am six feet under *says ‘Amen’*. I am sure that even my ill friend was so happy not to be the one on the gurney even as he was feeling all the symptoms of malaria at least it was a reminder that he was still alive.

I once read somewhere that life is like a piano, the white keys are the happy moments and the black keys are the dull moments, at the end of the day you will find out that the black keys also make good music. This is not intended as a sermon but I would like you to take your time and think of your brightest moments that seemed like paradise and your dullest moments that seemed like death, now come back to reality and you will see it all makes sense, because without the dull moments the bright moments cannot be there and your lives rhythm will be discordant. Embrace the pain you feel when down because it’s the best reminder that you are alive. You have to appreciate and cherish every moment you get, many lost souls wish they could get back half the opportunity we have, time is racing towards us and you better act your role before the director erases your name on the cast. You don’t need a bucket list of adventures when your time is almost up, life is an adventure on its own, and there is so much you can do that you haven’t thought about. Explore and exploit and your potentials.

Always remember these things

Put God first.

Live is too short to live in regret; rather you smile on the past, prepare for the future, and enjoy the present.

Always forgive but don’t forget unless it will be you that will be left blind and not the world.

Never belittle any one, not everyone can be great in our eyes but everyone is great in their own rights, live in peace with all men, help your fellow brethren after all no man is an island, love everyone but don’t trust everyone.

Hesitation is not critical thinking.

Not that it matters, but as I am writing this post, there is a kid beside me with dragon breath *stylishly covering nose*, people with mouth odor her liable to suffocate others.

I intended to release this post on the same day of the event 7th of August 2011 but I decided to give my last post a little time in the sun and my course’s team (ICT) lost another match to civil engineering *BURN* . Till the next post I remain =>

Your Christian brother

Yemi Johnson


9 Responses to “Appreciate it all.”

  1. Adetola Daniels Says:

    Without d dull moments, d gud ones won’t be appreciated #truedat#, anoda nyc 1

  2. This is very lovely Yemi!
    Keep it up..

  3. bankysalaks Says:

    nyc1 yemmy-jay

  4. it was fun reading ur blog, keep up the gud work, i’m feeling u

  5. nyc 1
    keep it up

    • actually feeling sleepy buh ve to comment,dis is really in wat motivates u?i criously need to knw.more grease to ur elbows dear frnd.

  6. bankysalaks Says:

    guy, update this shit jor

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