Letters To My Beloved

Stop crushing and tell that babe/bloke how you feel.

This is dedicated to all girls, Cupid shot me and I fell in love with all of you. *I ain’t joking* Technically speaking an amoretto shot me and I became an amorist. All I feel is passion.


You might think I have lost in my world of epsilons, sigmas and gammas but that it is not the case because you are my epsilon, my sigma and my gamma

You are my plus, my determinant, my multiplier, my function, my number.

You are my inspiration to do science, to explore and dissolve all the mysteries of not just the system or surroundings but of the entire universe and your body is the pristine laboratory.

I thought loving you would send my already infinitesimal world into absolute zero but I thought wrong because knowing you has differentiated me from the lowest common denominators.

You eliminated the bad and subtracted my wrong, you substituted my darkness with light and integrated me with a region of first order and infinite possibilities.

I now have a high place value in the society that increases exponentially and it can never diminish.

You have given me the probability of doing a million beautiful things with you and by permutation, I will start from anywhere.

Our combination is a function that tends to infinity and it has no limits.

With you 1 + 1 = 1 and I will forever want it to stay that way.

So please, stay with me.


There is a certain way I feel about you and even actions talk less of words are not enough to express the way I feel for you, what I fear the most is that I might fall sick because of the way my heart beats every time I see you.

With the burning passion and desire in my body I will go through thick and thin to make you happy especially now that I have total jurisdiction in every region through the lugubrious recalcitrance my affection for you brings.

To say the least;

I will climb mountains to see you.

I will swim seas to reach you.

I will dive into the ocean depths to find you the finest treasures and jewelry.

I will slaughter beasts to adorn your magnificent body in beautiful garments.

I will cut down the Amazon forest, to build you a mighty castle.

I will till the deserts to plant you an orchard.

To say the most;

I will love you.

Please be my girl.

Your faithful admirer

Yemi Johnson.

n.b: If you think you are the babe, holla @yemijohnson; the most charming lad ever *psych*

side note:just ensuring you know. According to my dictionary recalcitrance is wrong, the proper English word is ‘recalcitrant’. Recalcitrance just seemed appropriate


14 Responses to “Letters To My Beloved”

  1. 8-|casanova ur alias?

  2. Lol Yemi! I really love Einstein tho!

  3. i fink einstein is ma man. this stuff is real cool mehn, if einstein was alive to read dis……he sure wud b flattered……..classic boss

  4. More posts will give me a consistent opinion but I guess the message here was passed.
    Only two point of views don’t quite cut it enough.
    Doesn’t take anythn away from a lovely write up.

  5. einstein n cassanova eh, hmmn. Interestng, remebr wat we talkd abt hmm

  6. James owomero Says:

    Hats off.. very nice

  7. Saw ze post eventually….. nice. I appreciate ze mathematical/scientific wordplay. Keep it up bruv

  8. awww!!! this is a very lovly write up. i love it, your really good oh!

  9. ifeoma n. Says:

    oh!!!!!! yemi this is so nice esp einstein’s message.

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