I Just Have To..

SWEP: student work experience program; (I think that’s the meaning)

I initially promised myself that I will not be writing anything concerning my SWEP program but then things took a turn of events and I couldn’t just do without sharing my episodes with you (don’t you dare ask me for the meaning of the acronym: SWEP). Now where do I start my gist.

I arrived in school at 2:15 pm (don’t let the accuracy of the time fool you, I just made it up)……….

I came with 1 box, my laptop, some provisions and a crate of eggs, you can as well say I was well equipped for the program. People kept on asking me ridiculous questions about the eggs, you can trust me to answer them ridiculously, I signed in at the reception desk while I listened to the porter blabbing about all the rules on ground (like I don’t know them).

I got to my room and the first thing that greeted me was the acrid smell of only God knows what, followed by the insects that had inhabited the room during the one week break, the former occupants of the room had refused to lighten my burden but rather they left the room upside down and being the second person to arrive I just had to clean up. Say what? You are asking about the first person to arrive in the room, well *deep sigh* he couldn’t care less even if the room was a waste disposal facility as far as there is a bed, he is all smiles (this guy will kill me if he knows that I blogged about him, fortunately for me he doesn’t read my blog). And for the hall surroundings, well *shrugs* only God can save us from the perils lurking in the unkempt bush around the hall. If you also fancy your things being stolen then you would enjoy my NO burglary proof room, (thank God they are raising a new generation of leaders that uphold the integrity values in my school and not a new breed of thieves)………. ~|dat one no mean say dem no dey pick things oooh|~ .

I stand my grounds any day, Peter hall is the worst hall in this school not that any of the other halls are far better, well that is a story for another day coming soon on a blog you are reading now.

Woke up at 6:55 a.m, I had to reach the lecture theatre before 7:30 a.m for morning fellowship, attendance is very compulsory (in case you don’t know; my school is a Christian mission university). Being me and my late self I didn’t make it before attendance was taken (I have been frequently told this “may you not be late to your wedding” and “may you not be late to your burial”, for the former I say “AMEN” and for the latter I will definitely be late to be LATE). Let me brief you about SWEP. It is a practical program that all engineering students undergo. It is part of the syllabus although it is a one unit course. The program runs for 6 weeks but only God knows why my sets own was shortened to 3weeks. According to the lecturer in charge marks are awarded based on;

ATTENDANCE- 20 marks, LOG BOOK ENTRY- 15 marks, PROJECT REPORT- 15 marks, EXAM- 50 marks, making a total of 100 marks. Sorry for boring you with the details just felt you should know. Let’s move on

Morning fellowship ended at 8:16 a.m, this time I’m sure of the time, we were briefed on the task for the day and told we were going to be needing safety boots, well only God can tell if it’s just for formalities or exploitation. Quickly headed out to cafeteria with a couple of friends to grab a bite and headed back to my place of assignment (the bakery), as usual I was late again, luckily for me I was called back to mark my name on the attendance list. All we did there was to pick agege bread and tie inside nylon. You should know that we picked the bread with our bare hands, only God knows what some people had done with their hands before coming there, I kind of promised myself that I would not be eating bread but who knows how many other foods that have been handled with unclean hands and I have joyfully gulped them down, the thought of everything made me feel nauseated but then I have seen far worse in my secondary school, where almost everybody’s hands touches the same bread and yet I still enjoy every crumb of the bread, (seems like bread tastes better when handled with dirty hands).

Afterwards the bakery man lectured us a bit on how to make bread. I took down notes #goodstudent, the man then asked a particular guy questions, well the guy could not answer, decided to be a good group member and help out the poor lad by giving him my biro and jotter, (was only trying to save him from the ‘wicked but funny’ bakery man that exposed indolent students to the heat of the bakery oven), it didn’t take long before the guy slipped my biro into his pocket suddenly saw his hands entering his pockets to drop my biro, I pretended as if I didn’t notice, and he did the same with my jotter. He later apologized for hoarding my property (apology accepted), we left there a short while after. We had some other boring classes and nothing out of the mundane happened.

Twitted till the day was over and crashed on my million dollar bed.

@Boss_Persona92 wants to change his name on twitter to @masshysteria. Now that’s a good laugh.

Your good student

Yemi Johnson


9 Responses to “I Just Have To..”

  1. Lol! Nice One Yemi! And stop going to Church late!!! hehe

  2. Adetola Daniels Says:

    I just saw your blog for the first tym nd i enjoyed it, keep it up…

  3. nice one

  4. Mcforlarr Says:

    i hope u maintain your enthusiasm ………bt good one doe

  5. yup the lectures were quite boring…nice that someone could actually write about SWEP in fact u’ve given an idea…I’ll think about writing about it too…nice one still

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