Don’t let it get to you


What are you talking about?

Dummy, I am talking of insults, they are funny words that people put together to bring down your spirit, but the point is that you can’t let it get to you rather you reply with a comeback. Before I enter the details let me take time to differentiate INSULT from ABUSE, an insult is an action taken to offend someone while an abuse is not just an insult, but also a harm done to someone. (yes ooh, I checked the dictionary). For the sake of some people (they know themselves), I will be using the term *TASI*

Now to the main deal; we are all familiar with the word *ODE* probably the most popular *tasi* in the book and it is on the lips of everybody waiting to be let loose. If you still cry after someone calls you *ode* then you are either retarded or just a big baby………. #nooffence. When someone tasi’s you, you tasi him/her and in the spirit of good cheer the other person will forfeit the contest depending on the degree of burn. If they tasi you and it is burning (joing) you too much, my advice is too shut up lest you might say rubbish and become vulnerable, this will instantly stir up the person to utter more insults at you… (sha, don’t fight ooh).

I don’t get moved by tasi’s except if it’s coming from someone that I accord great respect and my emotions don’t get to the surface……. ask my course mates, several times they call me *oga due process* and I simply tell them ‘patience is a virtue, cultivate it’ and sometimes they call me *psycho (in the good sense)*, i’m pretty sure Einstein’s peers said the same thing……. (@Einstein u rock and so do I). Point is our philosophies differs.

Some of my most memorable tasi’s (the ones I’ve used on people)

You are a lighthouse in the bay of stupidity.

You are a ticking time bomb of noxious fumes.

Your name is synonymous with stupidity.

Ammonia is nothing compared to your mouth odour.


I gave myself the pleasure of searching google for the top 10 tasi’s (#fact: it wasn’t that much fun). Here they are:

  1. Don’t you have a terribly empty feeling – in your skull?
  2. Every girl has the right to be ugly, but you abused the privilege!
  3. I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.
  4. You must have been born on a highway because that is where most accidents happen
  5. I’d love to ask how old you are, but unfortunately I know you can’t count that high.
  6. Shut up when you try to diss me, you’ll never be the man your mother is.
  7. He is the kind of a man that you would use as a blueprint to build an idiot.
  8. I heard that you changed your mind. So, what did you do with the diaper?
  9. I’m not being rude. You’re just insignificant.
  10. I could have been your Dad, but a dog beat me over the fence.

Number 3,4 and 5 are DEAL BREAKERS (only of u code shaa).

That’s all for today, I’m hoping y’all will be willing to share your best and harshest insult in the comment box.

Your Charlie (no vex)

Yemi Johnson

n.b: Charlie is a slang for people that vex easily, it was derived from M.I’s hit song ‘My head My belle’ (download it here…..for members of the last carriers association)



16 Responses to “Don’t let it get to you”

  1. This is nice….hilarious too

  2. THIS IS A REALLY NICE ONE YEMI…YOU KNOW I DONT *TASI* PEOPLE BUT I’LL KEEP “Don’t you have a terribly empty feeling – in your skull?” IN MIND JUST IN CASE! 😀

  3. Jay city Says:

    Wow, u’ve got time man. Nyhow be breeeeezyy.

  4. hahaha, gotta hand it to you man, this was actually good man. Good to know you are finally using ur special characteristics or whatever man.. but this is legit….

  5. luv dis 1…………..fanks 4 teaching me some new tasi’s maybe i’ll use dem on u……………

  6. rotflol, bt was she dat ugly, chai, pls dnt use dat on anybody o, she mite commit suicide! Lool, nice one.

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