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Well, this is not the blog of another bored person looking for something to whirl away his time (shishhh, who am I kidding, i’m bored especially now that the only device I have now is my laptop). This blog is not something that was done on the spur of the moment, I’m not that spontaneous, I plan my day but I seriously lack determination, so anywhere *belle face I go.* after watching ……………..oh Lord what is the name of that movie,……….. I think Julia Stiles was the main character. She worked at a customer care call center and she was tired of her boring work so she decided to pick up a cook book that showed how to cook gourmand casseroles and exotic dishes, she idolized the author of the book. She cooked every single one of this dishes, over 500 in number and at the same time she blogged about them, she gained popularity amongst blog readers, but the woman she idolized despised her and thought she was making a mockery of her, (kai, see me narrating a movie for you, I should stop now), if memory serves me right the name of the movie is ‘Julie and Julia’. Well that was the very first time I thought of blogging but was not so determined. Fueled up with anger from what happened to me on 28-07 2011 plus the inspiration I drew from kemmiiii’s blog (you should check out her blog…..@kemmiiii, you should know that I draw inspiration from you), I released my first post….HURRAY!!!!!. Although my first intentions were not to bore/interest you guys with the quagmire I was in  but who says there is any particular way of blogging (if  there is, then I’m different……ask my mummy)

I am not quite sure what I will be blogging on but as time goes on y’all will be looking through my windows to see my vista (yes, I’m a funny boy, so you had better laugh at my humor). Got to go now, will be catching up with you later. Once again welcome.

Your funny boy

Yemi Johnson


3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. u must hav really been bored, but nice u shuld write 4 d papers. PSYCH!!!!

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